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How to Reopen Quickly and Easily with Contactless Commerce

Updated: May 15, 2020

Winning customers back and being compliant with local regulation can be overwhelming - Don't worry, here are five easy approaches to reopen safely:

  • Display Local Inventory, Online - Make it easy for your shoppers to find products and give them confidence that what they need is available before they arrive.

  • Allow Shoppers to Make Appointments - Give peace of mind to customers and manage traffic flow without lines and crowds building.

  • Help Shoppers Find All of Their Items Independently - More descriptive signage and interactive displays can be great ways to deliver expert help while operating with social distance.

  • In-Store Contactless Delivery - By preparing fitting rooms for appointments or fulfilling a buy online, pick-up in store order, you can keep shoppers and associates safe.

  • Contactless Checkout - Providing a frictionless self-checkout capability, especially one that supports mobile payment, is a great way to complete transactions and do it safely.

You can provide a safe, socially distanced store and deliver a great customer experience, with a few changes and the right tools.

If you need help implementing any of these processes contact us for Perfit's free COVID Recovery solution.

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